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Robert Goddard and his autobiography, which traveled to the moon with astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Read: Robert Hutchings Goddard's autobiography goes to the moon.
Rat in maze
Read: Clark University is credited with the use of mazes to study rat behavior.
Read:"How Clark Changed My Life Without my Knowing it" -Patrick Davis '00
Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
Read: His research on "emerging adulthood" has make Prof. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett an international expert on the lives, loves and ambitions of 18- to 29-year-olds.
Goldie Michelson
Read: At 110, Goldie Michelson, M.A. '36, reflects on her life and passion for theater.
Scott Rechler
Read: Scott Rechler '89 is a major force in the world of Manhattan real estate, but among his greatest achievements is helping One World Trade Center rise from the ashes of Ground Zero.
Robert J. S. Ross
Read: Sociology professor Bob Ross started trying to challenge convention and change the world even before he arrived at Clark.
Abe Bush
Watch: Clark undergrad Abe Doubleday Bush talks about emotion, loss and friendship.
female BA/MBA student
Watch: A look at Clark University's accelerated BA/MBA tuition-free program.
Clark students dancing
Watch: Clark University "Happy" by Pharrell #HAPPYDAY.
Spree Day 2014
Watch: A recap of Spree Day 2014.
Suaida Firoze
Watch: Clarkie Suaida Firoze talks about her life perspective and her relationship.

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