Academics and Research

LEEP Project Insights

Watch: Four 2013 Clark LEEP Pioneers reflect on their summer projects.

Parminder, a Cosmopolitan

Watch: A portrait of Clark University Professor of Sociology Parminder Bhachu.

Ed Trachtenberg was teacher, coach and advocate

Read:Chemistry Prof. Ed Trachtenberg, who passed away on Sept. 23, provided students with direction and advice.

Boatright Weighs in on 2014 Midterm Elections

Watch: Prof. Robert Boatright appears on The Brookings Institution webcast.”

Domestic Abuse of Men

Listen: Psychology Prof. Denise Hines talks about domestic abuse of men on “Public Health Minute.”

Creating an Online Student Sexual Health Resource

Watch: Chemistry major Clark Jackson ’14 delivers her first place speech from the 2013 Hervey Ross LEEP Talks.

Being a Diplomat at the United Nations

Watch: LEEP Pioneer Yohan Senarath ’14 delivers his third place speech from Clark’s 2013 Hervey Ross LEEP Talks.

Software Development and Cookies

Watch: ‎LEEP Pioneer Neil Orzechowski ’15 delivers his second place speech from Clark’s 2013 Hervey Ross Talks.

“Paris in the ’80s”

Watch: An inside look at the new project-based LEEP course “Genre Film Production Workshop: The Musical.”

A Conversation with Film Director Mira Nair

Watch: A Conversation with film director Mira Nair and Clark Prof. Parminder Bhachu.

LEEP and WaterFire Providence

Watch: LEEP Pioneers and their mentors from Clark and WaterFire Providence discuss their LEEP experiences.

The Big Picture

Watch: Two Clarkies designed their own LEEP Project, helping empower Nepali Dalit women to tell their stories.