Alumni Success

On the air

Read: Clark radio stations traditionally supplied the campus soundtrack, until a group of students brought a bigger vision to WCUW.

Shakespeare’s siren

Read: Jacquelyn Bessell, M.A. '94, Ph.D. '96, champions the Bard on the sides of the Atlantic.

Shooting Stars

Read: Diana Levine's New York photography career is a name-dropper's dream.

Medic of the Mind

Read: From Iraq to Afghanistan to U.S. Veterans' Clinics, psychologist Clifford Trott '87 heals the hidden wounds of war.

His chosen field

Read: How Jeffrey Lurie /73 went to sitting in the cheap seats to owning the Philadelphia Eagles.


Read:Alumna founds theater company that leads audiences to the creative precipice and dares them to jump.

A Force for Change in a Time of Conflict

Read: Andre-Guy Soh, M.A. ‘05, has worked in some of the most dangerous places on the planet.

The ‘Wow! Wow!’ factor

Read:Brad Powers '96, M.B.A. '97 is a self-described "serial entrepreneur."

Message from the Alumni Association President

Read: "It was through Clark that I came to understand one should take advantage of opportunities, always challenge oneself, and always learn."

Unintended Consequences

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Unintended Consequences

Read:"How Clark Changed My Life Without my Knowing it" -Patrick Davis '00

Goldie Michelson, 110, is Clark's marquee name

Alumni Success, Stories

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Goldie Michelson, 110, is Clark’s marquee name

Read: At 110, Goldie Michelson, M.A. '36, reflects on her life and passion for theater.

Towering Ambitions

Alumni Success, Stories

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Towering Ambitions

Read: Scott Rechler '89 is a major force in the world of Manhattan real estate, but among his greatest achievements is helping One World Trade Center rise from the ashes of Ground Zero.